"This has changed our lives. We can notify all of our parents instantly."

Loudoun Soccer



RainedOut is a Highly-Targeted Demographic

• Sports-oriented individuals

• 76% are parents of youth athletes

• 60% female / 40% male


• RainedOut messages are highly anticipated and relevant because they are generated from the community, league or organization

• 44 million children between ages of 5-17 play youth sports

• In the U.S., people use mobile phones to: send text messages (67%); take pictures or video (57%); and use the Internet (43%) according to Pew Research (2011).

A Diverse Sports Reach Uses RainedOut

• Youth, Collegiate, and Adult League Sports throughout the U.S.

• YMCAs, Boy Scouts, and Regional/County/City Parks & Recreation

• Soccer, Football, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Swimming, Hockey, Cheer, etc.

• Auto Speedways, Dragways, Dirt Tracks, and many more