"This has changed our lives. We can notify all of our parents instantly."

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SMS Advertising Stats

US Mobile Advertising Spending by Format 2008-2010

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Most Popular Advertising and Marketing Tactics in 2009

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RainedOut SMS Sponsor Ads Make an Impression 

  • SMS ads more than twice (20.2%) as commonly recalled as mobile web ads (8.1%)
  • Reach highly captive audience – achieve nearly 100% impression rate
  • Unlike email, SMS is typically (95%) read within an average of 4 minutes
  • Unlike other advertising (email/web/print), RainedOut ads appear all alone - just your ad and a highly anticipated message
  • 232 million SMS users in the U.S. (2009 Q4)
  • SMS is used by at least two thirds of all mobile consumers in the 18-50 age segment
  • SMS is 100% available on mobile phones in U.S. (WAP and Client are 85% available)
  • SMS supports website hyperlinks, allowing advertisers to create landing pages to track conversions
  • SMS leads in availability, ease-of-use, cost savings, and adoption rate